Danes encounter coronavirus calmly, compared to other countries

by Angel Hui

“Human’s fear can be more dangerous than coronavirus itself.” said Jacob Skov Staunsbjerg, a local student living in the Borglum Kollegiet.

There was an influx of people in the supermarket in the Veri Centre after the government announced the suspension of all stores in Denmark. (Photo: Angel Hui)

It has been six days since the government’s announcement of new measures against coronavirus, including closing schools and public facilities. The supermarket is now back to normal, without any shortage of necessities. Compared to the situation in Britain, the Danes were not so panic about the coronavirus.

There is no bread left in one of the supermarkets in Aberdeen in the United Kingdom. (Photo: Dustin Wong)

Upon knowing the situation of the grocery stores in other countries, Jacob responded that people should not be panic. He suggested that human’s fear could be much more dangerous than the coronavirus itself, as this will eventually lead to breakdown of society.

Imagine if people competed for goods in supermarket in one day, there must not be enough supply for everyone in the next few days. People who did not fight in this “war” will get nothing for the whole week. Society will not be able to work normally if this repeats again and again,

“I don’t think you need to stack up groceries. Supermarkets will be open as usual.” said Bjørn Schou Madsen, another university student living in the Borglum Kollegiet. He said the Danes will not compete for goods, just like what the British did in just one day. “Only some crazy people will buy a pile of hand steriliser as well as toilet paper.” he added.

“Don’t panic. That’s the very first thing we should do. Action speaks louder than words.” said Bjørn. What they said doesn’t mean that they do not care about coronavirus – they use hand steriliser very often, it just means that everyone should not be overwhelmed by self fear. It is better to be calm but cautious at this moment instead.