How we live life during the lockdown

By Alberte B. Sørensen

Friday the 13th of March I went home to my parents for a couple of days, because I couldn’t spend time with my boyfriend who is on an internship at a residence for the disabled. Because of that, we have chosen to stay apart for the next two months so we don’t put anyone at risk for getting the coronavirus.
At home it turned out that my mom was sent home for work, she is a physiotherapist, with the message to be ready to help the home care if necessary. While my dad works as a paramedic so he still needs to work as normal.
Here is a little insight into some of the most boring but somehow still interesting days in my life. And how to live with two people who should avoid getting sick for the sake of society.

Our classes continue as usual just online. But sometimes it can be hard to not get distracted when a lot of other things are going on while you try to concentrate. Above is two different scenarios, on how I work during a school day and the final result.

Photo by Alberte B. Sørensen

We began to make the buns and everything was fine…. Until we tasted them. They were uneatable, the taste was bad and our tounges were tingly.
So when you don’t have yeast make sourdough or maybe just pancakes.

But in the end, we found some yeast and the buns we made were delicious.

Photo by Alberte B. Sørensen

I admit it, we eat more snacks these days than we normally would. But eating candy can be difficult with two parents who work in the health department and can’t get ill. So when we eat candy we each have a spoon to grab the candy with, and then we can pour it into our hand and eat from there.

Photo by Alberte B. Sørensen

A lot of time is used with the family in front of the tv keeping track of what is happening with the restrictions. But sometimes a nice old movie is good to watch, so when ’Olsen Banden’ replaced X-Factor everyone was excited, and it was like everything was alright for a couple of hours.

When you have two parents in the health department it is important to keep track of your health these days. So we have a thermometer always ready in the bathroom. My dad is a paramedic so he checks his temperature every morning and every night, and before he goes to work so that he can make sure that he isn’t sick.

Photo by Alberte B. Sørensen

You can feel that the coronavirus isn’t just affecting Denmark or Europe when you hear stories from all over the world. I was texting one of my friends who is from Brazil. Where everything is also closed down. We are both worried about each other but at the same time, we both know that life goes on.

Even though the Corona is changing a lot in everyone’s lives we still try to have a normal life. My parents still have friends passing by for a beer or a coffee, now they just sit at least one meter apart.

Photo by Alberte B. Sørensen

The only member of the family who doesn’t seem to notice the changes is the cat. He is just as sleepy as always.
Even though the rest of us have a lot on our mind there is something relaxing about a cat purring in your lap.

Photo by Alberte B. Sørensen

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